Annual Progress Report for the year 2011-12

INTRODUCTION: The Samiti is engaged in social Welfare, Rural Development and income generation activities since 01-02. The area of operation of the Samiti is rural & urban both. Brief description is giving as under:-

EDUCATION AND LITERACY: Organized one day awareness camp on the occasion of world Literacy Day on September 8, in the participation of opinion leaders social workers, youth, school teachers and college students, to motivate everyone literacy and illiterate to rid the country of mass illiteracy in which it is steeped and it needs this unique literacy efforts because it has the world largest corpus of illiterates of over 525 million in all age group which is considered to be the most productive age group crucial to the task national reconstruction. It is necessary to reduce low literacy rate. For Reduction of literacy rate some adult education centers are running in different village of Distt- Lucknow many Peoples are participating in centers and learn elementary education.


Our Country is facing to polio, a dangerous decease spreading quickly. Thousands of children are effected with above disease so Samiti has organized awareness programmed on Pulse Polio in different villages of Block Malihabad, Distt- Lucknow Thousands of propels have participated in the programmed.
Samiti has conduct camps in different villages of block –Pisawan Distt- Sitapur during the year. The people were explained on the methods of filling complaints in district Consumer Courts, the malpractice adopted by shop –keeper and traders through use of false weight and measures and the need for co- operation and unity amongst consumers of an area to fight against such malpractice, the use of consumer Protection Act, Prevention of food Adulteration Act, Weights & Measurement Act. Etc.
Organized one day workshop in the participation opinion leaders Social workers and other opinion person at Aligarh, to create awareness and to educate the people about the ill- effects of drug abuse on the individual the family and Samiti at large. Workers addicted to drug need to seek a timely assistance from psychiatrist in restoring for them a drug free life.
The programme on National Integration was organized by the Samiti in the participation of peoples belonging to different community, to arise the feeling of patriotism and always ready to help the human kind and anywhere at any time. They were told as to how the communalism has desecrated cultural synthesis in India which is adobe if Hindu, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Jains etc. And living together affectionately for the last several hundred of years. Strength of the country lies in unity of people irrespective of cast colour and creed. There was no other business to be transacted. Therefore the meeting was terminated with vote of thanks to chair.
  1. AIDS & Cancer Awareness Camp:
Generally people around the world know about AIDS & CANCER but still arising many questions. So the basic must be known about AIDS & CANCER in order to help prevention of this disease to social workers Health workers and community leaders so that could communicate to the general people. To fight against these national level problems in rural sector, the Samiti has organized three national level problems in rural sector, the Smiti has organized three days training programme in Block Khair, Distt. Aligarh on the occasion of world AIDS day 1st December.
  1. SHG Awareness Programme:
The activities of self – help credit management group are basically related to the promotion of thrift among the member with income generation and asset creation efforts. To participates in national programme for SHG development the organization has been forming self helps group (SGH) of woman.
Samiti provides fertilizers free of cost to selected poor and small farmers of many villages of Distt- Sitapur. They have also provided skill and capacity building training to adopt improved technology of agriculture some farmers have demonstrated modern & improved instruments of cultivation. During the year three camps wee organized in three villages of Distt- Sitapur to provide awareness and capacity building of sustainable agriculture.
For the development of women Samiti is providing different types of training with know how was given for taking up professions such as basket making, weaving, cutting and tailoring embroidery, poultry management etc. and loans were provided for staring units. Women have also given training from time to time to control the rapid increase in pollution. During the year Samiti has conducted awareness camps with the help of the local Doctors, volunteers from different villages (both male and female) and some social health workers to introduce the local people to use oral pills, undergo sterilization and use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy. 145 females were sterilized 325 were given oral pills and condoms were distributed 350 persons.
  1. Computer Training:
Computer training is running at Lucknow since 2007 for students & unemployed youths male & female both to educate D.C.A. (Diploma in computer programming) D.T.P (Desktop publishing) & Accountancy. The aims of the training are to provide suitable employments & imparting training in above course.
Under this programme the organization has organized a training programme for rural people to use the locally available raw material such as fruits and vegetables to prepare processed food such as ice- cream , jam from guava and mangoes, mango shake, pickles from raw mangoes, Papad from urad dal, bottling and marketing techniques and hygienic from the processing where also discussed bakery items preparation where also or taught woman where specially encouraged to take up this programme for side income and productive use of spare time.
Sqmiti have provided different types of income generation training for the development of women such as basket making, weaving, cutting and tailoring, embroidery, poultry management etc. and loans were provided for staring units.
Samiti organized Drinking Water sanitation and hygiene awareness programme in different village of Block – Nindaura, Distt- Barabanki. The main aim of the Samiti is to provide pure and clean water so the help of the members of Samiti cleared the wells, tube- wells and ponds. Members of the Samiti aware the public water which they use and Samiti also has very active in the field of raising awareness about good sanitation facilities in the slum areas. Samiti has created various sanitation infrastructures during financial year and further it organized various cleaned drives in various locations.

HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE PROGRAMME: Women & Child health programme was organized at block maholi Distt- Sitapur to make women aware from about their health needs and nutrition. In the programme, rural women were participated in large number and it was felt by the attendant that this king of programmes are very useful in the villages where women were informed about various kinds of schemes formed and executed by the different Govt.
Departments for welfare of the women either. It is education employments or technical guidance etc.
One day awareness programme on naturopathy and yoga was organized at Government Inter College Aligarh on 18 july 2009 in the participation of general public including social worker health worker and women. Main focus of the programme was to aware the public about naturopathy and Yoga and impacts of this system of this system of Medicine. Programme was supported by national Institute of yoga and Naturopathy.

Our Samiti is a Voluntary Organization working in the field of education health and family planning nation festival programme. Our organization activities are spread in the various district of Uttar Pradesh. The organizations are many distributes as blankets swale and many clothes in nation festival.
This ground has been stronger by earning elementary success of farmers which show that cultivation of medicinal plant is not only more profitable, but also no more problems for marketing. Samiti is giving more preference for cultivation of medicinal plants. For which Samiti has organized different awareness programme in Block- Kakori Distt- Lucknow, Block –Lodha, Distt- Aligarh, & Different villages of block Gondalmau, Distt- Sitapur.
Organized one day camp at Atrauli, Distt- Aligarh on occasion of world environment day on June 5 to create environment awareness among the people . Topics covered as air pollution, water pollution , land pollution, water born diseases, social hygine, sanitation, population and environment energy utilization fire protection, forestation wild life protection promotion of non convential energy source like solar cooker and smoke less chulhas etc. Participation was opinion leader’s social workers teachers and Panchayati Raj workers. On this occasion Social forestry and Horticulture Awareness Programme, Plantation was also organized.

Place:- Lucknow

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