Annual Progress Report for the year 2010-11

Extract Meeting Recorded After Presentation made by the executive committee at general body meeting held on 5 of April 2010 at registered office of the society in lucknow , the meeting was under the chairmanship of the president and the secretary conducted the proceeding the presidential address high lighted the achievement made by the organization during the year of his tenure 2010-2011 the secretary placed the annual audited financial reports and declared provisional budget for the financial year2010-2011 for approval  before the executive committee in general body meeting the committee member unanimously approved the provisional budget and a resolution was passed for the same the main activities of the organization during the past year were high lighted by the president and secretary of the society which is summarized as follows:-



The society organized a camp at district environment day on 5 June 2010 in luckonw to discuss about the impact of growing pollution on the human health and environment including water , air , and sound pollution. it was felt that there is there is need is  speeded the process of removing old vehicles, reduce the use of plastics around 500 plant sapling were distributed to the participants and public . On the same day the society organized programme comprising were participating participants of different schools. At the end of the programme prizes were distributed among the winners of this contest.


No disease has ever ended the life the way CANCER & AIDS dose CANCER & HIV has become the biggest challenge before the mankind as because both these dreadful infectious diseases the danger that they poses is immense. The only way to escape from CANCER &AIDS is to create awareness of all the ways in which CANCER & AIDS can take place. A camp was organized by the society to educate people about the causes of  AODS and  CANCER  the precaution that one should take by avoiding tobacco by chewing or smoking cigarettes for cancer precaution and for AODS protection at the tine of taking injection blood donation or blood intake and also protected intercourse etc. society organized different cultural programme in different district on the occasion of 15 AUGUST, 2 OCTOBER REPUBLIC DAY NGO has done these programs in different schools and villages to tell the people for their unity and communal harmony in their society .the participants of this program were benefited largely and agreed to encourage others.


A consumer protection comp was organized to make pubic aware of the rights available under the consume protection act, 1986 the programme was highly appreciated by the attendants of the programme.


As charity these classes are aimed for providing free education to all those, who otherwise, have remained deprived of these classes, which are being run at the registered office at  ALIGANJ  for the poor middle aged person, engaged in such jobs like rickshaw- pullers, hawkers etc or shop servant . One hour classes make them sound enough in just 6 months , so that they could at least sign their names, read letters or make out something out of the news papers the programme is a regular activity of the organization and will continue as per decision of the executive body.
Even after 58 years of independence and launching numerous literacy campaigns, a good majority of adults are still illiterate. Reading or writing dosen’t make any sense it them it seems that the govt. sponsored programme have not reached the distant villages or villages not connected by road communication the developments /advan- cemaent con not yield desired results, if the community or part of community is illiterate.


The population of our county surpassed 100 crores this over population eats into all the development process lack of resources, food ware health care facilities schools and thousands off other problems owe their origins to this over population the awareness about the benefits of having a very small family is still very low in our country particularly in the areas of the Eastern Utter Pradesh where the population density is disproportionately high considering very high level of reluctance on part of the villagers to adopt the family planning methods the population explosion has taken place –causing deterioration in the available sources like food, education, housing employment opportunities etc a camp was organized by the society at ALIGANJ block of lucknow district to raise awareness about the bad effects of the disproportionate growth in the population help of audio visual techniques was taken to make the presentation more  effective at the  end of the camp condoms and contraceptive pills were distributed among villagers the villagers were encouraged to adapt the nations of only one child per couple. Further it is observed that many couples in any incitation of one make child gave birth to a number of girl children. The attempt was make to teach them the reality of the modern era that virtually there is no difference between the male female children. Both the boys and girls are equal in the since that the girls have the same opportunities as do have the boys the participants highly appreciated this educational programme.


Welfare of the society starts with the welfare of women & children the community or the populace is satisfied and contended if the children are, healthy well fed and well educated .it was therefore, emphasized that the community at large be educate towards the aspects of women and child health and nutrition and aspects of child labour in comparison to child education the society also organized a camp for woman health education & empowerment at LUCKONW Suburbs in Uttar Pradesh.


Our Soceity during December 2010conductd computer tanning for handicapped student and youth basic knowledge of computers hardware and soft ware was given for a period of ten days with free of cost around 50 students took the benefit of this programme. Certificate were issued to the participating students at the of the training programme


A general social awareness programme was conducted for the society awareness on social security awareness on false rumors , misrepresentation, family misconceptions and general hygiene also covered in the programme around 200 people from all walks of life attended the programme the members gave stress for communal harmony among the society.


The Society Has Been Conducting Camps Aimed Raising Awareness about the Effects of the Alcoholism and drinking the volunteers of the society went into the villages to raise consciousness about the effects of the smoking and use of tobacco. Help of posters and banner was taken to make the presentation apart from this the person who has given up the restraint that one need to give us this habit .it was demonstrated that thousands of people die every year because of the user of tobacco and other likes things


Our society had been working for formation of 100 self help groups at block each self help group having 15 woman members in one group of making strength of 1500 women. These 1500 women shall be empowered by up liftmen of socio and economic status. This SHG group will successfully conducting income generation activities and also engaged in advance agriculture practices. Four associations will be formed under Indian Societies Act out of these 100 SHG involving 25SHG’s effectively for sustainability. Economic development is see not percolating down to the rural areas and is centered around urban areas mainly. The Society therefore endeavors 25 SHG’s effectively for sustainability. Economic development is seen not percolating down to the rural areas and is centered around urban areas mainly. The Society therefore endeavors to Concentra on rural development within its resources. The farmers are at the mercy of changing climatic conditions due to which they are suffering.  Water scarcity un-seasonal rain, heavy flood during monsoons etc. Are worries for the farmers? An awareness programme was conducted at Aliganj block Lucknow district. During the year under review the organization has conducted several campaigns at various places in rural areas for the benefit of rural folk advising them the necessity to conserve water change to multiple crop use of boil compost importance of education to their children access to various health care facilities etc. Emphasis was also laid on cleaning and upkeep of water bodies which provide drinking and irrigation water cleaning and upkeep of water bodies which provide drinking and irrigation water cleaning of surroundings to stop out break epidemics, widening / maintaining of rural roads etc. The response from the villagers was encouraging any they have been motivated to from volunteers in several groups through which various development activities in rural areas could be taken up for their own benefit.


An Awareness programme on capacity building promotion of nutritional and medicinal garden in schools was conducted by the society in lucknow district. Around 50 farmers and 10 NGO’s participated in this programme. All the participants took the benefit of the programme.


Drinking water & hygiene awareness programme was organized by the society. The main aim of the society is to provide pure and clear water. So the wells tube & ponds were cleared by the help of the members of the society. The members of the society created awareness to the public about water, which they use and society also has been very active in the field of raising awareness about good water conservation facilities in the slum areas. Lack of good water conservation facilities is curse for the majority of the urban population.


A small programme on Holi culture was conducted by society during holidays. A dance and Music and awareness on Holi were given to the participants. School going children performed their arts and dance competition prize were given to the best participants.


A general social awareness programme was conducted fo the benefit of the society. Awareness on social security awareness on false rumors misrepresentation family misconceptions and general hygiene also covered in the programme Around 300 people from all walks of life attended this programme. The members gave stress for communal harmony among the society.


Drinking water, Sanitation & Hygiene Awareness Programme was organized by society. The main of the society is to provide pure and clear water. Such programe were organized people were told as to why the pure and safe drinking water is essential to maintain good health. About 500 men & women were given the benefit.


The society during May 2010 conducted an awareness program on pollution. The president and other committee members were present in the programme. The president stressed for non usage of plastic and highlighted about growing pollution due vehicles and industries. This program was conducted at Lucknow. He also stated that certain tanneries based at Lare not Lucknow following the norms and conditions of the pollution control board. The secretary also highlighted about the pollution due to chemical factories and refineries and insisted common society not to burn trees at the time of holi festival around 250 people from all walks of life participated in this program, free literature about pollution control was distributed.


It is generally seen that traffic rules are not followed by people and road safety is ignored with the increase in the population of modern vehicles. The organization has undertaken two awareness programme for road safety and rules. Road users were specifically told about the rules of the road safety measures, about traffic symbols etc, and emphasized about the need for adhering them to avoid accidents.

National festival days such as Republic Day, Independence Day etc. provide occasion for celebrating the resurgence of the country and the commitment of the people to defend, protect and hold together national spirit. These are occasions for celebrating our unity and integrity considering India being a state of unity in diversity in School children.